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Before I get this blog going I would like to comment on the death of Robin Williams.  This is a very sad situation and came close to home for me. Not that I personally knew Mr. Williams but my own father committed suicide too.  This was a while back but even today 30 some odd years later It still bothers me.  Like alot of us Robin Williams had skeletons in his closet. It’s something that happens as we live, make mistakes and move forward. Non of us are perfect and we shouldn’t judge those who take the route necessary to find final peace.  It is tough for those left behind but we should also realize that we don’t know what that person is going through. I do not condone suicide however. In 2006 after trying to recover from meningitis I too thought about ending it.  I’m glad I didn’t and I decided to just go easy on myself. It was tough, I went on anti depressants, saw therapist and went through alot of personal loss. Writing helped me through much of what I was battling.  The lost years of suffering are what I miss the most.  Now I find that writing, playing with my son and fishing are all I need to find peace. I wish I knew it was that easy. So, I won’t go into a bunch of yada yada about all the sad stuff. On a better note, my book on Audible “Tina” is doing well. It’s a short story horror book that was narrated by Emily who did a great job. I’m really impressed!  Here’s the link for anyone who’s interested in checking out a short horror.    If you have a book either on Audible or Amazon you would like to promote please go to the Amazon Kindle Book Reviewers Comment Page and submit. Additionally, check out the books we have on some of the pages and read and rate if you can!  

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