What Do You Do When You’re Not Writing?

I know there are alot of authors out there that have a real passion for writing.  Unfortunately, it seems some writers, editors and critiques take their work much too seriously.  I’ve browsed the different forums and it’s sad to see how new authors get so discouraged because an editor completely trashed their manuscript. Sure, writing is always a work in progress and it’s important to get and give constructive criticism on others work, but I do believe it’s possible to do this in a positive light. I myself began writing after a hospitalization with meningitis and a loss of cognitive skills but I kept trying. I remember after a month long stay in the hospital I was given all kinds of tests mostly concentrating on memory issues.  I had some serious short term memory loss.  But, even though they thought I may suffer some serious irreversible damage I trained my brain to rework itself. Now I am a blogger for companies and have written a few books. But writing was never my main focus in life. In fact before writing I was a Marine and then a commercial electrician. So, this is very new to me even after writing for a few years. I am like alot of us, a work in progress.

  I’m wondering what other people do when they are typing away a new manuscript.  I’ve heard some people say they make a goal of writing a certain number of words per day. I try and do this too but in my spare time I also blog on Fiverr.com under the name of dobguy1. This has been a great way to not only hone my writing skills but to also make a few extra bucks. I also like to go on trips to the lakes and fish for catfish and bass. If I’m not doing any of the above, I’m entertaining my 11 year old son which is the biggest and more rewarding job of all. So, my question to anyone out there who writes is…what do you do when you’re not writing?:)


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