Tips On Promoting Your Kindle Book

Ok, now that we have this page rolling, I’d like to offer some tips on how you, the writer can promote your book!  We all know that social media is the more popular way to promote just about anything and you can use media to promote your book as well.  Facebook is a popular way of promoting your book to your friends but chances are they may not actually check out your book.  Linked-In however can be a useful tool for promoting especially for new authors. Simply put your book listed as a project you are working on. Additionally try connecting with people on this site who have a similar interest. Since I like to write horror short stories I would simply connect with people who like horror books.  It’s that simple.  You will as an author benefit more if your Linked-In page is designed around your work as an author.

Next, Twitter which is evolving into one of the most popular social media sites is the perfect tool for promoting your book!  When using Twitter, try connecting with people who like certain genres of books.  For instance,if you write romance books, search for romance books and romance book reviews and follow these folks. Chances are they will follow you and your on your way.  Periodically post a link to your book and maybe a thanks for checking a reviewing.  It’s simple yet effective!

In your down time, go over your manuscript and see if you can find anything that may help the book read better.  Sometimes little errors are overlooked especially when first publishing.  Many authors will finish the manuscript, do a quick edit and once over and submit.  Remember, on Amazon kindle you can go to your author page log in and resubmit your manuscript.  So, be sure to go over your work from time to time and just reread it.  Additionally, have a friend look it over.

As far as other promotional tools, you might want to put your book on here for review!  This free service is for new authors who want to get on board and submit their books for review.  This board is a review swap board, so if you see a book you would like to review, contact the author and either swap your work or get it on Amazon. Reviews should be honest and well thought out.  If you cannot provide a positive review on a book it would help an author immensely if you gave some insightful constructive criticism.

Ok, so that’s all for now.  If you have a book you would like to submit, please post your bio and book link in the comments section. Thanks!  Dave




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