Promote Your Kindle Book Here!

Ok, so you have a new book you want to promote. I can give you some tips to get you moving in the right direction.  First off,make sure your book is written well. Sure, this may seem like a hassle but if your book is written poorly, has a ton of grammatical errors and just reads poorly, it’s not going to fare too well on the market.  You also should look into getting a professional editor who can go through your book and help fix any errors.  In my book “The Sunshine Murders” I had it edited by a great editor.  It did cost a couple hundred bucks but the end result was worth it.

So,  hopefully if more people book their books on here, an editor may make an appearance as well.  That’s what I’m hoping. Additionally, have a friend of spouse read your work.  They may see things you haven’t noticed that needs subtle changes.

Submitting your book to  sites like this may help too!  This is a free service that I  figured may help some indie authors.  Simply post your book link in the comments section on any page and be sure to post your bio! So far we have a few books that really need some honest reviews and I know there are folks out there who would love to do this!

Carole Parkes, the author of Tissue of Lies has a great psychological thriller out on Amazon that needs reviews! This book is a suspenseful mystery novel. Checkout Carole’s website here.

The next book on the list on Amazon Kindle Reviewers is a book written by a veteran and author. This book entitled “Hobo” is one of those short horror books that’s well written and bound to scare. Written and published on Amazon by Thomas Flowers, this book is must for those who like short horror scares as I do!  Be sure to check out “Hobo” here!  Additionally, be sure to check out Thomas’ website here to learn more about this up and coming author!

Ok, so that’s it for now.  Please submit your books and bio’s so we can get more books on this site. This is for indie authors and we welcome new authors!  In fact, that’s what this site is all about!


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