Promote Your Kindle Book Here!

Ok, I noticed a few sites that were geared towards book promotion are shutting down due to costs associated. In light of this, I decided to create this site or page to help Indie authors get reviews for their books on Amazon. While I know there are sites where you can pay to have a review done for your book, this is a review swap group. You post your link and communicate with others who have books and swap reviews.  It is also for members to help critique others work and of course maybe find an editor who will work on a barter system.  I’m sure there are some great writers out there who wouldn’t mind sharing their expertise.  This site will also allow you to share excerpts of your book possibly enticing other members to purchase and rate your work.  Hopefully you get the picture!

I would also like to encourage writers of all levels to share their work as well as writers of any genre.  That means if you write short horror books ( as I do!), you can submit your link here in the comment section.  As time goes on I would like to build the site to a fully functioning website that you can interact with.  I will also put some trivia games, maybe some old school computer games and a weekly or monthly contest of whoever sells the most Kindle books which we all know are pretty popular today!  I’ll figure all this out as I go along and and definitely open to suggestions.

I am a fairly new writer and began about four years ago after being sidelined from my work as an electrician.  I am also a Marine Corps veteran and have a family in North Carolina. I love to fish when I am not writing and am in pursuit of the monster catfish!

So, if you want to promote your Kindle books, feel free to submit the link in the comment section. I will be working to make this page easy to navigate and shortly it will be a full website.  This is a free site for you to submit your work. I may put a donate button on the website to incur any costs in paying WordPress for the site and upkeep but for now I’d like to just get the ball rolling.  You need reviews for your books, we all do! The only rules are to be honest in your ratings, if you feel you cannot provide an good review, then please tell the author your opinions and suggestions on how they can improve their work. You should also refrain from spamming all members!  Remember, you only need to submit you book link, that’s it.

Ok, I’m here for any questions, comments and suggestions. So, let’s get the ball rolling! Feel free to post a short bio and your Author page as well!  To your success!


6 thoughts on “Promote Your Kindle Book Here!

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  3. I’d also like to promote my Audible book “Tina” a southern short horror story. Here are some free codes to plug in on Audible to get the book for free!


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